English Courses for Businesses

Aprender inglés paso a paso online

The quickest and most efficient way to train a multilingual team.

Diagonal English is able to prepare your business for the future with our cost-effective and flexible solutions of made to measure English courses. Over the last 10 years, Diagonal English has been helping professional teams improve their English language skills , boosting  cooperation, productivity and innovation.

Online or in-company English courses with the objective of your employees learning English without ever having to leave the office.

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The language that will drive your business forward

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Teaching approach focussed on the authentic practice of the language at all levels. In company or Online.

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Intensive Course. Group classes. One to One Classes. Total Immersion Programs. Business English Courses.

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Specialised courses : Meetings and negotiations, letters and emails, presentations, sales & marketing, travel and socialising, on the telephone, company talk, engineering/technical.

100% Customisable English Courses For Professionals And Executives.

  • Our programs are designed to easily adapt to your work schedule, with engaging and enjoyable classes.
  • Students are able to speak and communicate fluently and effectively by presenting and defending ideas as well as negotiating directly in English.
  • Feedback on the progress of students through periodic reports and our virtual campus.
English Courses For Professionals

English Classes for Businesses with Guaranteed Results

Online classes for Business

  • Adaptable Content
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Made to measure programs
  • Intuitive learning
  • Our courses can be subsidised through Fundación Tripartita or Fundae

We will come out to your office

In company
  • Adaptable Content
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Made to measure programs
  • Intuitive learning
  • Our courses can be subsidised through Fundación Tripartita or Fundae

Quality Training

Our team of teachers is made up of qualified native speakers from different nationalities, exposing students to a variety of accents and speaking styles which  enhances the learning experience.

Thanks to our teacher rotation system, students are in contact with different teachers every few weeks which helps maintain motivation and ensures exposure to a variety of different accents.