Our History

Since 2012 teaching to speak in English.

Graduate Students
FCE and CAE Certified Students
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“If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again”

W. C. Fields

Who we are

Speak Your Mind Diagonal was created in 2012 with the aim of filling the gap in the English language teaching market by focussing on the practical use of the language within the classroom.

Traditional teaching methods are often based on memorising and practising grammar without giving students the opportunity to really use the language authentically in the classroom.

Unlike other teaching approaches and seeing the rise in demand for conversation classes, this program was created to cover this gap, without losing focus on the importance of grammar.

Our objective has always been to answer questions such as: 

I know the grammar but why can’t I hold a conversation in English? 

I can understand when I read but why not when people speak to me?

Why do words in  English sound so different to how they are written?

Necessary Changes

In 2020, Speak Your Mind Diagonal chooses to redefine itself by bringing about changes in our teaching approach with the aim of covering any gaps in our approach of teaching as well as adapting to the ever evolving technology that is available to us.

Through the idea of never conforming to traditional teaching methods, or methods that fail to move with the times, Diagonal English is born.

We are changing, however we are still carrying on with the same motivation and enthusiasm that over the years have seen our students recommend and place us as one of the most highly rated English schools.

We have enhanced our teaching approach to ensure that the structure of our classes cover all areas of the English language and provide authentic and effective opportunities for classroom practice. By adapting to new technologies we are able to provide classes without physical material while ensuring direct communication with the school as well as a direct channel with students on their progression through our App, whether studying online or face to face in company.