English Level Test

Take your free English level test and you’ll be able to find out your current level in the language straight away.

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prueba de nivel inglés online

Knowing your level of English is the first step in setting and reaching your goals.

A quick level test

Assessing your current level of English in the areas of the language such as Speaking, Listening and Grammar is the best way to start your course. That way, you don’t repeat things you already know and you begin exactly where you need to.

Find out your level

After completing the test, you will receive your results which will allow us to assess your needs and offer you the best study option possible.

Video call

As well as taking a grammar test,we need to assess your speaking and listening skills. This is assessed by one of our native teachers through a free video call.

Choose the type of course

Now that we know your level in all areas of the language, we can offer you study times or personalise a course to meet your objectives.

Diagonal English levels

A well done level test guarantees that we can choose the right group for our students while taking into account their needs and not having to repeat concepts that are already known.